Hi, I'm Woody.
A designer living in the PNW.

I love designing systems and crafting products for those systems. You can find me either playing with my kids, bicycling, playing racquetball or sailing in the PNW.

Currently: Director of design at Sage Bionetworks. Lately have been helping design and lead the strategy on the Privacy Toolkit. Also, led design on My BP Lab (2018 Innovation by Design: Health, Honorable mention), Journey PRO (2018 Interaction Awards Shortlist), and elevateMS.

Selected past projects

About Woody

I am a designer with a passion for understanding people’s needs and crafting products for those needs. I tackle problems with care and curiosity while striving for a solution that puts a smile on the users. One of my life’s great pleasures comes from helping people interact and understand their own health and the healthcare system.

I am indebted to all my mentors and collaborators who had confidence, patience and mentored me in my journey.

Say hello

Feel free to ask me about design, healthcare, bicycles, flyfishing, racquetball or sailing. I might have some answers.