What is Planty?

An app that lets your plants tell you their watering needs. Planty simplifies amateur gardening by providing clear action items for plant care based on local weather conditions.

My role

Planty is one of Thinkering's internal products that became one of my initiatives. I drove the design, business strategy and creative direction with constant insights and feedback from the rest of the partners.. I also worked intimately with our illustrator and copy writer on the creative direction.

Role in project

Lead designer

Project included

Product design, strategy and user research


Many novice gardeners don't understand how to maintain the well-being of their new plants and as a result often over-water or under-water them, causing plant damage or death. Once a person feels that they have a "brown" thumb, they often avoid being plant owners in the future. How do we demystify caring for plants? Can we give plants a voice that novice plant owners can understand?


Planty helps people know when and how much to water their outside plants. The app simplifies outdoor plant care by answering your most common questions: do I need to water my plants? Is there a chance of frost that I need to prepare for? Is it time to water my succulent again? Using your local weather and plant data (water uptake, absorption and evaporation), Planty lets you know how much you need to water each plant.

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To understand how gardeners interact with their plants, I spent several weeks interviewing a wide range of gardeners (novice to expert). I saw how "green thumb" gardeners are in tune with their plants, often giving them distinct personalities and knowing how to help them thrive. This was vastly different from the occasional or inexperienced gardeners who weren’t in tune with their plants and would get frustrated that their plants often died relatively quickly.

Based on the research findings, we experimented with various solutions designed to take away the complexity of caring for plants and improve the novice gardener’s plant-owning experiences. Through prototyping and validating our ideas with master gardeners, we created categories or types of plants that had personalities based upon their watering needs.

We tested a number of design prototypes and adjusted the interactions, content, and even the plants' personalities to appeal to novice gardeners and help them better understand their plants